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 Easy Hollandaise Sauce

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Easy Hollandaise Sauce Empty
PostSubject: Easy Hollandaise Sauce   Easy Hollandaise Sauce EmptyWed Jan 09, 2008 3:06 am

Last week I was baking as usual and was making a recipe like many GF ones, that calls for more egg whites than yolks and had a couple yolks left over. Previously I have put them into a small bowl and covered with water to add them later to an omelet or such and they always get hardened and not really good. So I decided to try to make hollandaise sauce with them. The last time I did it took about 20 minutes at the stove, constantly stirring. If you have ever watched Alton Brown make it, you know what I mean.Wink

Anyway , this is much quicker, and very tasty. It went well with my lemon garlic Salmon served over rice and a side of asparagus which I poured it over.

Try it over fish if you don't care for fish much but are eating it for health reasons.

1 stick butter
2 large egg yolks
1 tbls fresh squeezed lemon juice
dash or two of salt and pepper
2 tbls hot water

Heat butter in heavy saucepan until it foams but don't brown it! IN small bowl whisk the yolks with the lemon juice and S&P. To this, gradually beat in butter and then water. Return to saucepan and beat over very low heat until slightly thickened. Serve immediately or place over warm ( not boiling) water , covered for up to 30 minutes. You must be careful about the heat or it will 'break'. Serve in veggies, fish, eggs, whatever! This method only takes about 10 minutes tops! Just make sure you stay by it.
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Easy Hollandaise Sauce
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