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 Pizza for PASSOVER

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PostSubject: Pizza for PASSOVER   Pizza for PASSOVER EmptyMon Feb 04, 2008 6:57 pm

Try this for Passover this year. It sure will beat the traditional matzah pizza!

This was from Jill Ryan, but published in Bette Hagmans book

Pre heat oven to 400, ( you can use this time to melt your shortening in an oven proof cup, it should only take a couple minutes) be careful to watch out for it!

Beat these together
1/4 cup milk ( or water if you want it dairy free)
2 large eggs

Add to that egg mixture

1/3 C cornstarch and
2/3 c rice flour ( white or brown) and
1/2 teas Xanthun gum and
1/4 c shortening melted ( I use Spectrums organic)

This will look like a yellow cake batter, but don't be alarmed!

You can make a traditional round pizza or a scicillian style ( rectangle ) use a 12" pizza pan or a 9x13" pan. Spray it with cooking oil spray ( olive oil kind is best). then pour batter into center and using spatual, gently push to edges, trying to make edges a bit higher than the rest. It will be about 1/4" thick. Now top with sauce ( you can't push this around like on a regular crust so dribble it on there, you don't have to cover the whole thing! )

Top with other toppings you like and lots of cheese! I like to add some Italian herbs, dried or fresh and a bit of olive oil over them.

Bake for 20-22 minutes. Keep an eye out the last few so it doesn't burn. The bottom with turn brown around the edges, which you should be able to see. .

Slice and eat! Makes 6 square slice 5"x5 " or pie slices.

You can make this a white pie by adding a white cheese sauce instead of tomatoe and topping with chopped spinach or finely chopped broccoli, add some red peppers too!

Notice there is no leavening agents in here, no yeast, baking powder or soda. A- OK

I made this last night, and not like a yeasty crust, it sure surpasses any matzah pizza I ever made and it always got rave reviews, even after Passover!
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Pizza for PASSOVER
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