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 My Philosophy and Story

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My Philosophy and Story Empty
PostSubject: My Philosophy and Story   My Philosophy and Story EmptyTue Oct 09, 2007 11:40 pm

I started this forum because I recently was diagnosed with CD. I believe my maternal line has had it but have no way now to verify it at 50 years old. I think it started when I was about 32 after I had a serious car accident which has rendered me partially disabled since. A variety of doctors told me various things which I never believed and one in particular told me it had to do with my accident and the injury to my spine. Recently this year I presented with a heart murmur and other irregularities which only exacerbated the situation. I really thought I was ready to met Abraham, Isaac and Jacob this past winter as nothing seemed to help but prayer.

I pulled through, but was starting to have the familiar diarrhea,bloating, nausea, belching etc again. I was still having problems with my BP and realized that I could be the one hurting myself as I had gone completely off any other drinks besides an occasional small glass of juice or milk to all water all day long. No coffee,tea, soda, nothing. Problem was, my water comes from a well but is treated with a water softener that uses salt. Even though I was using a faucet purifier, the salt still got through and I believe this is what elevated my BP to very dangerous levels. So I got off the water, and started drinking only Fiji water as I read it's the best.Ph-wise But still I was getting sick now up to three times a day, and had recently gone off all vitamins when I found they weren't Kosher.

To make a long story short, I am now GF and adjusting slowly to it,again another learning curve, but I love to cook so it's not so hard. I decided though with all the research I needed to do, and with all the many things this entails ( more than Kosher even) I needed a place to keep all my info, but also to share with others that not only have CD but also try to keep kosher and eat as healthy as possible.

Basically my philosophy about Kosher, meaning 'fit to eat', goes beyond the Rabbi's definition. Just because something is deemed kosher by ingredient and processing It doesn't mean it makes it into my grocery cart. I believe that it should also not cause harm to the body if at all possible. Thus many certified things don't enter my home. I believe in eating AMAP organics, raw, fresh and environmentally helpful. And when searching for a forum that would cover these three, I found none.Not saying it may not be out there, but all I could find was a thread at a Celiac forum for those who eat kosher. I wanted more than that, so thus A very peculiar people was born.

I hope this to be a space on the net where the few and far between of us that there are, can come together to help nurture and support each other, physically, mentally and spiritually to get the most out of this life we have that we can!
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My Philosophy and Story
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