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PostSubject: Tomatoes   Tomatoes EmptyWed Oct 10, 2007 11:02 pm

I have had an over abundance of tomatoes this year Baruch HaShem! I have been so happy, it has been hard not to have the tomato sandwiches I had as a kid but I tried spreading some cream cheese on a corn thin cake and topping it with thinly sliced toms and it wasn't bad at all.

I still have some green ones on the vine and have been wanting to save them because it will be getting cold this coming weekend.

I found this and will try it to see how many I can save.

Quote :
You can pull the vines, hang them upside down
in the garage or basement and, when the fruit is ripe, pick it from
the vine. The temperature should be 55 to 65 degrees. One problem:
You'll have to clean up the dirt and tomato-vine debris later.
"2. Pick the tomatoes and refrigerate the ripe ones. The pinks can
be ripened in a ripening bowl (a large plastic-covered bowl with
holes drilled in the top). The cover traps the natural ethylene gas
and speeds up the ripening process. The air holes allow air and
moisture circulation.
"3. For long-term storage, wrap each tomato in newspaper, then place
them, no more than two or three layers deep, in open crates or
baskets. Store in a cool, dark place."
"Another storage method is to set the tomatoes on a rack without
touching. Cover with a cloth or newspaper. The temperature should be
between 55 and 60 degrees and the air a little humid, not damp.
"If you need ripe tomatoes, place those that have turned pink in a
ripening bowl or in an area with a temperature between 65 and 70
"No matter what method of storage you use, check daily for ripened
fruit and store them in the refrigerator.

I have heard opposite advise about putting them in the fridge, so will try not to do that. I have a closed off room that isn't heated in the basement and will try that.
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