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 A Most Brittle Hypothesis (Celiac Disease and Osteoporosis)

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PostSubject: A Most Brittle Hypothesis (Celiac Disease and Osteoporosis)   Tue Feb 26, 2008 8:54 am

Washington University in Saint Louis, MO

Quote :
...Despite its impact, celiac disease is
under-diagnosed and poorly understood, even among some physicians. A
2004 NIH report estimated that 3 million Americans are affected, though
97 percent do not know it. Once Stenson published his study results,
showing that 3 to 5 percent of osteoporosis patients had it, compared
to one-half of one percent of those with normal bone density, he was
flooded with celiac referrals.

"That tells me there's more celiac disease than people appreciate,"
says Stenson, the Nicholas V. Costrini Professor of Gastroenterology
and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. "I think there are clinical
circumstances in which it should be considered but is not now widely
considered, and patients with iron deficiency anemia or osteoporosis
should be tested."...
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A Most Brittle Hypothesis (Celiac Disease and Osteoporosis)
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