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 REVIEW: Eat Smart Veggie Chips by Snyders of Hanover

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REVIEW: Eat Smart Veggie Chips by Snyders of Hanover Empty
PostSubject: REVIEW: Eat Smart Veggie Chips by Snyders of Hanover   REVIEW: Eat Smart Veggie Chips by Snyders of Hanover EmptyThu Apr 03, 2008 5:23 pm

EatSmart Veggie Crisps

Vegetarian - Kosher

These are listed in the snacks thread but I thought they deserved a post of their own.

These have become my favorite all around chips to munch on.

Most potato chips are too greasy for me, and sometimes salty, the corn chips we can have also fall into those catagories. But these chips don't. they aren't greasy nor too salty, which is a hard balance to do with a processed chip. They have variety in each bag, of potato, tomato and spinach chips and are colorful too!

I started serving these with my own concoction of a spinach dip ( recipe elsewhere) and my guests rave about them. They really like them and have remarked that they are going to start buying them as well.

I personally like plain variety but they also have a Sundried tomato and pesto ( which is a bit saltier) and also a Cheddar and Jalape'no variety as well.

Here is what is in the original version

Whole Potato Flour, Vegetable Oil (one or more of the following: Sunflower Oil, Safflower Oil or Canola Oil), Tomato Puree, Spinach and Beet Powders, Turmeric, Salt

Allergen alert : Made in a factory that processes peanut butter.

Notice that salt is on the list last, which means it is the least used ingredient. Smile

You can indulge in about 21 of these chips for only 140 calories!

Here is their website, check it out for more info!

Kosher Status: OU certified - dairy

It seems that from the poll there, that Veggie chips is popular with many others as well, so go grab a bag today, you won't be sorry!

Poll Results

Veggie Crisps 63% (2294)
Soy Crisps 27% (996)
Cheddairs 10% (353)

Please register and join us, it will only take a minute! We are here to help each other, so please join and share your experiences with CD, your tips, troubles, recipes, and sources. We are a peculiar minority but we need to ban together!
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REVIEW: Eat Smart Veggie Chips by Snyders of Hanover
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