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 How to help reduce the chance your newborn developes CD

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PostSubject: How to help reduce the chance your newborn developes CD   Thu Apr 03, 2008 7:46 pm

I found this in my copy of Living Gluten Free for Dummies and thought this might get this forum going.Smile

New studies show ( she didn't mention where to find this info) that you may be able to protect a baby from developing celiac disease later in life. University of Colorado scientists have published information indicating that exposing babies to gluten in the first three months of the baby's life increase the risk of celiac disease fivefold.

Their studies indicate that waiting until the baby is at least six months old, decrease the risk, but that waiting beyond seven nonths increase the risk again. In other words, the best time to introduce gluten, according to this study, is between four and six months old.

Another factor that seems to have an effect on the development of celiac disease is breast-feeding. Studies show that breastfeeding longer than three months may delay the onset of celiac symptoms and decrease the risk of developing celiac disease. Gradual introduction of gluten-containing foods and continuing to breast feed while those foods are introduced seem to reduce the risk of developing celiac disease, as well.

Again , I understand that mothers with the dermatitis herpetiformis type of celiac can not experiment with this. But it is encouraging for none celiac mothers whose children have fathers with CD.

Please register and join us, it will only take a minute! We are here to help each other, so please join and share your experiences with CD, your tips, troubles, recipes, and sources. We are a peculiar minority but we need to ban together!
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PostSubject: Re: How to help reduce the chance your newborn developes CD   Mon Apr 07, 2008 10:05 am

Yep. Unfortunately, I have a feeling we'll be fighting with our pediatrician over this and vaccines.

I was reading (since Autism spectrum disorder is in our family + CD) that it is reccommended if you have issues such as CD to delay certain vaccines until after 6 months and *ensure* that you do all combination shots in single doses, no more than one vaccine a month (or visit). In reading up on folks with autism spectrum disorder in the family, it is reccommended by most parents and some researchers to delay vaccines such as MMR, DPaT, Meningitis, Hep A & B, HiB, Tetanus... until after 18 months. Shocked

I was looking last night to see what are the reccommended/must have vaccines here in Germany, and pleasantly suprised to find it is MUCH, much less than what they want a child to have under 6 years of age in the USA. (I can be thankful for that much, right?)

Apparently Mercury (Thimerosal) is another concern as it is in vaccines that are given such as the flu shot, MMR and DPaT and sometimes in the Meningitis one. It does something to the gut and brain, but they haven't made all the connections just yet. Boys tend to be affected more than girls. (and no one seems to know why Suspect)

Here's one article about it here, and another set of info here.
Jenny McCarthy has an interesting article that was posted on CNN's website this weekend and referred back to the last link. Her son was greatly helped by changing his diet, increasing supplimentation, detox and delaying further vaccinations.

For me, unfortunately gluten just can't enter our door. I fear fighting with the inlaws over baby's food... I know my MIL will want to introduce gluten if she can, but I seriously doubt I can deal with it if the baby were to get ill off of it... No and with me being home with him 24/7, it just isn't worth it.

This is definitely encouraging news though for parents that don't have dermatitis herpetiformus issues and one CD parent. Unfortunatley our baby has 4 counts against him on my side of the family and one, maybe two on DH's... so I guess we'll see if he gets all the good genes or a nice healthy mix so he stays down to earth Wink
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How to help reduce the chance your newborn developes CD
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