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 Review: Arico Lemon Ginger Cookies

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Review: Arico Lemon Ginger Cookies Empty
PostSubject: Review: Arico Lemon Ginger Cookies   Review: Arico Lemon Ginger Cookies EmptyTue Apr 08, 2008 3:35 am

Organic, Kosher ( OU certified D) Gluten free

I ordered these from the Gluten Free Mall about two -three weeks ago. They sounded good, expensive, but good, so I thought I'd give them a try. I've been saving them for a special treat but then realized I have to get them eaten before passover so I opened them tonight to check them out.

The bag is 4.76 oz and has a picture of three cookies surrounded by some lemon slices and candied ginger pieces. The package is pleasing enough,, it is a soft foil bag with a reclosable zipper lock.

The Label reads:

Lemon Ginger
Gluten free Dairy Free

With a little green leaf that announces : Made with Organic Grains

There is also an expiration date stamped on front and mine reads 060508

INGREDIENTS: Flour base (organic brown rice whole grain flour, rice starches, rice protein, baking soda), organic cage free eggs, organic agave nectar, diced ginger (ginger, sugar), chicory extract, organic cane sugar, organic palm oil, organic sunflower/safflower oil, calcium carbonate, citric acid, natural flavor, lemon oil, ginger, sea salt. Contains eggs.

The back of the package tells you to

eat right, share love, live free
Dosing dreamily in a hammock, a gentle breeze carries a sweet, citrus
fragrance. It teases your nose. Lemon blossoms! Arico. Ingredients for
"mindful snacking" and lemon blossom daydreams. Gluten free and casein

Taking good food to Delicious heights...Naturally
No trans fat
No preservatives
No artificial flavor or color
Good source of Fiber
15% of your daily calcium need
Great moist and Chewy cookies!

PC typing Even after all that build up I must say I was a bit disappointed. When I opened the package, the aroma that greeted me was pleasant enough. When I pulled one out, it had a lovely rippled like top that reminded me of old time cookies I used to bake before GF days began. They are moist, soft and full of chunks of candied ginger, which is more overpowering than the lemon which comes as an after note of flavor. Yet there seems to be a strange taste underlying these fruity spicy flavors. It may be the rice flour, but it seems to be something more. Not totally unpleasant but I only reached for another one to write this review.

I love lemon, truly and ginger is one of my favorite flavorings, I use it freshly grate, powdered the juice, and candied in many dishes, I am a fan! But this duo in this cookie just doesn't do it for me. It may be a taste you will not mind, but this pampered palate will not be calling for me to buy these again.

Now they have other varieties and I will probably eventually try them but for now, I have to wonder how to get them eaten before Pasache gets here. I don't know

These are the other varieties they offer:

Triple Berry
Peanut Butter
Double Chocolate
Chocolate Chip
Almond Cranberry

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Review: Arico Lemon Ginger Cookies
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