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 What is MSG, where is it found and what can it do to you?

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What is MSG, where is it found and what can it do to you? Empty
PostSubject: What is MSG, where is it found and what can it do to you?   What is MSG, where is it found and what can it do to you? EmptySun Apr 13, 2008 8:29 pm

Since going GF I have had occasion when I know that I know that I know I have not ingested anything with gluten , yet still have a similar reaction. The culprit, I found was MSG, it was in the GF Kosher chicken brooth I had used.

I am sitting here recovering from something similar today, instead of cleaning and readying my house for Passover.

I knew the coffee I drank was Gf, sugar, ok, cream, ok, eggs, ok, milk, ok, cheese, ok, green onions, ok, bean bread, ok, sliced hot dogs in omelet, ok, or were they?

These were Hebrew National and I had them before after checking their GF status on other forums. They do no have this information that I've found on their site and you know our mantra ' read the label', but now something sinister is creeping in to the label system that I think you should be aware of.

I looked over the ingredients found here.

Quote :
INGREDIENTS: Beef, water, salt, contains 2% or less of spice, paprika, hydrolyzed soy protein, garlic powder, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite, flavorings.
So where was the hidden gluten or msg?

Less than 2%...... maybe the spice? if that was contaminated with some flour for free flowing, perhaps, then there is the paparika also could be the same thing or the garlic powder, notorious for additives. How about the flavorings? that too could hide something.

But I never suspected the hydrolyzed soy protein!

Seems this may be a hidden source of MSG, or what they call glutamic acid.

Quote :
Food manufacturers are hiding MSG so you don't
know where it is. Lately, food manufacturers mention
a "clean label" when referring to soy sauce
and other processed flavor enhancers that already contain MSG in the
form of glutamic acid. Food manufacturers
use these ingredients so they can claim "no added MSG". Hence a "cleaner"
label. They know it's in there, they are just hoping you don't.

Quote :
MSG by any other name.......
In Japan, MSG is labeled as アミノ酸 or Ajinomoto
In China, MSG = wie jing
In the Phillipines, MSG = Vetsin
In Thailand, MSG = phong churot
In Germany, MSG = Natriumglutaminat
In Europe - MSG = E621, but avoid E620-625 as they also
contain glutamate
In the US - "umami", MSG, glutamate, free glutamic acid
Please, for your health take some time to go through this site.


[ Why MSGTruth? ] [ Food For Thought ] [ American Restaurant Syndrome? ] [ What exactly is MSG? ] [ What Makes Me MSG Sensitive? ] [ Body Systems Affected by MSG ] [ Disease States Affected by MSG ] [ Disease Statistics ] [ What Foods To Avoid? ] [ What To Eat? ] [ Remedies ] [ MSG in the NEWS ] [ FlowChart ] [ Related Research ] [ Recommended Books ] [ Recommended Videos ] [ Recommended Products ] [ Recommended Links ]

Be sure to check out the home page On it you will find a chart which links celiac symptoms to "Autism and MSG sensitivities. See the chart half way down the page followning this paragraph

Quote :
This new discovery explains the seemingly disparate
effects present in both autism spectrum disorder AND MSG sensitivity
syndrome as shown below:

This may help you, your loved ones and many people you know so take some time to read through it and gain some knowledge 'they' don't want you to have.

Please register and join us, it will only take a minute! We are here to help each other, so please join and share your experiences with CD, your tips, troubles, recipes, and sources. We are a peculiar minority but we need to ban together!
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What is MSG, where is it found and what can it do to you?
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