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 Krinkle Sticks - The Lesserevil brand snack co - Review

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Krinkle Sticks - The Lesserevil brand snack co - Review Empty
PostSubject: Krinkle Sticks - The Lesserevil brand snack co - Review   Krinkle Sticks - The Lesserevil brand snack co - Review EmptyWed May 14, 2008 11:15 pm

Found these too at the store. Seen them before but since they weren't in the GF aisle I didn't look real close. But upon closer examination they are

All Natural
Reduced Fat
No Trans-Fatty Acids
No Artificial Flavores
Gluten Free
Baked ( not fried)
Cholesterrol Free
No preservatives

Kosher-- OU

I got the Sour Cream which is a dairy product.

They come in a cute little box that resembles the shape of an old fashioned popcorn box, but in avacado green and gold.

They are shaped like little crinkle cut potatoes and are very crunchy. Spiced nicely for a baked snack. They lack something though I can't put my finger on, maybe the sour cream taste isnt' strong enough. ?
Worth trying though, and would certainly make a kid happy with the box and all .

Very light and easy to eat the whole box, the main ingredient is potato,starch, flour.

They had other flavors I may try next. Also they have a kettle corn and some looked so good but not heckshered! But good news!
Quote :

Q: Are LesserEvil Kettle
Corns kosher?
A: Not yet. But we’re
working on it, and hopefully
we’ll be updating this very

Got more ????'s?

Here's all their FAQ's

Here's the four flavors of Krinkle Sticks they currently have

Price for the 2.5 oz box? $2.89

Bete` Avon!!!!

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Krinkle Sticks - The Lesserevil brand snack co - Review
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