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 Our Complex Brain

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Our brain is the most complex organ of the body. Within the brain and spinal cord there are ten thousand distinct varieties of neurons, trillions of supportive cells, a few more trillion synaptic connections, a hundred known chemical regulating agents, millions of minuscule blood vessels, axons ranging from a few microns to well over a foot and a half in length, and untold mysteries of all these components working together.

The UT Dallas institute of Brain Health is one institute which is dedicated towards understanding and finding cure for the diseases of brain. Its mission is to understand the brainís ability to restore or protect healthy brain function, protecting the brain from unnecessary mental decline, healing the brain through treatments that regenerate brain function. The instituteís board of directors is further divided into the Leadership Board and the Advisory Board. The Leadership Council includes known names like Sallie and Frederic Asche, Jr.Claudia and Dennis Berman, Toni and Norman Brinker, Dianne Cash, Theresa and David Disiere, Patsy Donors, John Harbin, Matrice Ellis-Kirk, among others as its members.

Center for BrainHealth, part of The University of Texas at Dallas School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, is a scientific institute that combines cutting edge brain research with clinical interventions. It promotes research, treatment, academic training and is one of the few facilities in the United States providing a continued follow-up aimed at enhancing and monitoring functional recovery in brain injury, brain disease and complications of normal aging. The institute has pioneered a unique horizontal approach to uncover commonalities in brain repair.
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Our Complex Brain
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