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 update on me and baby

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PostSubject: update on me and baby   Tue May 20, 2008 2:59 pm


Have a prayer request for you all. The baby still is not in position. He has moved closer to the goal, but he has not moved down any. The dr. has not been able to determine if Bellybean is just being stubborn or if there might be a problem with my pelvis not expanding wide enough for the baby's head to pass through. (I seriously doubt this part, considering the baby has been playing around like he was, and stayed so long lengthwise in the pelvis before moving up like he should)

He has given me an Rx of herbal remedy to take daily to help release the area some. One herb is to strengthen the muscles and the other herb is to ripen the cervix for delivery. If the baby doesn't come by next Monday when we go back for a visit, then I have to go everyday for a check to make sure that Bellybean is not being stressed. The dr. will not allow me to go over more than 10 days.

At the time of my admittance to the hospital, they will allow 2 hours for labor and then decide if Bellybean has moved downward. If he has not, then the dr. said it will be an automatic c-section. Of course, this is of great concern -- ya'll know I certainly do not want a c-section at all unless the baby is in danger. I want to do this myself if at all possible. The C-section they are offering is one that is "non traditional" where it mimics regular birth --- but we all know the concerns that come with that, and there is some danger with me having an epidural without knowing 100% if I can have it, not to mention my previous back injuries.

So, please add this request to your prayers.

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update on me and baby
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