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 Uncontaminated OATS

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Uncontaminated OATS Empty
PostSubject: Uncontaminated OATS   Uncontaminated OATS EmptyTue May 20, 2008 8:43 pm

I loved using oats in the 'old days' of cooking with any grains I wanted. I made oatmeal. oatmeal cookies, added it to meatloaf and pancakes and and even chocolate chip cookies to give them a healthy boost, but since being diagnosed , oats became taboo, and if not, then extremly expensive and hard to find that weren't contaminated.

NOTE: For those just learning. Oats do not contain gluten, but they are usually grown near wheat or other gluten containing grains and processed in the same plants. To be safe they have to be uncontaminated and certified as such.

So I had looked around and could only find a 1 lb box in the health food store for a whopping $6!

These I have been judiciasly using, a bit here and there because of their 'dearness'. These were '

Lara's Rolled Oats. Guaranteed Pure Oats- No cross contamination. Certified Kosher and Kiln roasted ( gives great taste) these are what I made my best GF matzah from this passover.

Well now I have found another source, and not as expensive, still high, but not so much.

Bob's Red Mill I found in my store. These oats are raised on dedicated farms, and the label reads

Dear Customer....

Our premium gluten-free oats start as pedigreed non-GMO seed planted in oats-only fields. At harvest, Elisa testing verifies their purity. Our dedicated gluten free facility and additional Elisa testing ensure their integrity.

The bag is 2 lbs and cost $5.79 , so as you can see, you get twice as much for half as much.

I haven't tried them yet, but they also are roasted.

While not organic, they are from non GMO seed, that is why I put it in this forum.

Check them out and as long as you aren't a super sensitive celiac, eat them, in anything you can put them in. I will be posting more recipes soon that include these roasted oats.

Just a quick lesson on the benefits of including oats in your diet.

They help to lower cholesterol, and are on the Heart Assosiations list of Heart Healthy foods.

They contain a good healthy amount of fiber, something lacking in many GF diets.
They contain 17% protein

Oats are considered a
‘cleansing grain.’ They not only cleanse your intestinal tract but your
blood as well. Oats contain an excellent balance of amino acids. It’s
proteins are almost in perfect proportion to the body’s needs. High in
lysine which is often low in other cereal grains, oats bring a real
balance to your protein needs without the need of mixing foods. Oats
contain high levels of complex carbohydrates which have been linked to
reducing the risk of cancer and the better control of diabetes.

They are also rich in the B vitamins, something we don't get because of our different breads

Warning for Celiacs from wiki

Quote :
Celiac Disease

Coeliac disease, or celiac disease, from Greek "koiliakos", meaning "suffering in the bowels", is a disease often associated with ingestion of wheat, or more specifically a group of proteins labelled prolamines, or more commonly, gluten.
Oats lack many of the prolamines found in wheat; however, oats do contain avenin.[4] Avenin is a prolamine that is toxic to the intestinal submucosa and can trigger a reaction in some celiacs.[5]
Although oats do contain avenin, there are several studies
suggesting that oats can be a part of a gluten free diet if it is pure.
The first such study was published in 1995.[6] A follow-up study indicated that it is safe to use oats even in a longer period.[7]
Additionally, oats are frequently processed near wheat, barley and
other grains such that they become contaminated with other glutens.
Because of this, the FAO's Codex Alimentarius Commission officially lists them as a crop containing gluten. Oats from Ireland and Scotland, where less wheat is grown, are less likely to be contaminated in this way.[citation needed]
Oats are part of a gluten free diet in, for example, Finland and
Sweden. In both of these countries there are "pure oat" products on the

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Uncontaminated OATS
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