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 From Whole-Food Vegan to Gluten Free -- and Happy to do so!

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JoAnn Farb

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PostSubject: From Whole-Food Vegan to Gluten Free -- and Happy to do so!   Thu May 29, 2008 10:08 pm


Our family of four was already following a whole-foods vegan diet (for about 14 years) when we found out that our youngest's tummy aches were caused by gluten. (That was almost 3 years ago) When we learned that this was a genetic thing, we got the whole family tested -- and found out we were all reacting to gluten, so even though the rest of us weren't aware of having any symptoms we all went GF together -- which has made this whole thing so much easier! (After going GF -- 2 of the 3 of us realized that we DID have some symptoms from gluten -- which we never would have connected had we not gone off of gluten -- but our other daughter has noticed no change from going GF -- but still does it anyway because of the information we provided to her.

However, we were very disappointed to find that most of the GF recipes and products that were available basically subsitituted dairy, eggs, sugar, fat and refined starches for the gluten. Since we were adopting a GF diet to improve and protect our health -- it hardly made sense to us use such recipes or products.

I set about creating whole-foods, plant-based, gluten-free recipes and recently published them in a book called Get Off Gluten. The book also provides some additional information to assist people in going and staying gluten free. I have a website with information about my book, plus a nice collection of scientific articles, and helpful ideas at www.getoffgluten.com. Oh and I am very proud of my whole grain gluten-free sourdough bread (uses no oils, sugar, or refined starches) and you can see that recipe right on my website.

JoAnn Farb
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From Whole-Food Vegan to Gluten Free -- and Happy to do so!
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