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 Broccoli Cheddar soup - Dairy

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Broccoli Cheddar soup - Dairy Empty
PostSubject: Broccoli Cheddar soup - Dairy   Broccoli Cheddar soup - Dairy EmptyTue Jun 24, 2008 6:32 pm

I had gotten some wonderful broccoli at my local organic farm market and knew I couldn't use it all up in a stir fry so pondered what else I could make with it. Since we were having company for Shabbat I decided on trying my hand at making a Broccoli soup. I've never had it before so did not know how to approach it but started by making a cheese sauce as you would for mac and cheese

8 oz seriously sharp cheddar shredded
1-2 cups milk
Two heads of Broccoli - steamed
1/2 lb baby turnips or potatoes, roasted

Steam your broccoli until tender after cutting up the stems to 1/2 " thick and cutting apart the florets
Roast turnips or potatoes until tender in a 400 oven tossed first with some olive oil until browned and shriveled slightly.

In large pot melt 1 tbls butter and add 1-2 tbls cornstarch, blend together until sizzling and then add a bit of milk, whisk until dissolved, and then add more until it starts to thicken, keep whisking while adding remaining milk. Now add the cheese, half at a time and whisk to melt ( heat should be on medium) then add rest when melted. While this is melting put your broccoli and turnips or potatoes into processor and process until pureed. Add this to the cheese sauce. Salt and pepper to taste, Heat thouroughly. Add more milk if necessary. If keeping warm in crock pot add more milk than you want end consistancy to be to allow for evaporation. Do not heat for hours in pot though.

I found when serving adding some chopped fresh green onion makes a great garnish as well as some smoked paprika.

They practically licked their bowls clean! I was pleasantly surprised with how this came out.

I think you could also use this as a sauce over broiled fish. I will have to try to save some next time I make it and try it for that! Broil fish, and pour broccoli soup/sauce over and top with slices of red pepper ( roasted red pepper would be great ) .


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Broccoli Cheddar soup - Dairy
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