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 Our new addition

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PostSubject: Our new addition   Tue Jun 24, 2008 6:44 pm

Well , I'm still waiting patiently for our beloved HaddashSukkot to share about our new GF baby with us. I am sure she is busy being a new mom and all but we await to hear all the CD stories she has to tell us.


Please register and join us, it will only take a minute! We are here to help each other, so please join and share your experiences with CD, your tips, troubles, recipes, and sources. We are a peculiar minority but we need to ban together!
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PostSubject: Re: Our new addition   Thu Jul 03, 2008 6:51 am

Hi there! Not too much going on other than the usual stuff.

We had a really great experience at our hospital here in Germany. The kitchen crew knew all about celiac disease and was able to make us meals also without any pork products (We told them Kosher so they did what they could)... and they even sent someone every morning to ask how the meals were and if we wanted to change anything (add more fruit, take away the tea... etc) Shocked

The nurses and midwives were awesome as was the OB staff. They were really careful investigating all the things I needed and anything we had to give the baby. Smile

We have a new prescription to fill that is basically vitamin D, to give him every day to help build up his bones. Seriously I think we can do without it, as much milk product I intake (cheeses, yoghurt and milk DAILY). . . not to mention the other food items I eat that either have the vitamin or convert it well.. but I'll do as they ask until I think it really isn't needed.

I've had a midwife doing "well visits" with us since leaving the hospital, and it has been... interesting.

Due to the type of delivery I had, my milk didn't come in as it should, and the baby lost weight, so we were having to suppliment my milk for the last month with gluten free (non soy) formula. He's gained his birth weight and more back, so if we can keep him on the straight and narrow now that I have an oversupply, I think we will do fine.

Our little one is a verrrrrrry happy and active baby when he is awake, and has been really breezing through some of the milestones the pediatric doctors set for one month olds. He's actually hitting some of the 2 month things already, and trying to crawl!

He is high needs, so basically we're holding him 4 hours or more out of the day. He hardly lets me put him down if he is tired or feels poorly.... some days I feel fine with that, and other days it is so frustrating. If I can't get him in the crib, one thing that does work -- our Pram/buggy!

We had our first pediatric office visit, and other than fussing over vaccinations and scheduling them out and wanting to know what is in certain things... it went well. The nurse I totally didn't like on the vaccine front.

We're really getting pressured to get the Hib shot, which unfortunately is together with the DTaP (Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, or the other combi that is offered is DTaPP: Polio is added)... and I mentioned I wanted to split ALL vaccinations possible due to how we react, and got written off as basically loony, uniformed and "Oh vaccines are different than they were 20 years ago when you had them honey.." -- Gee thanks, I wasn't talking about THOSE perse, but that we in my family react very badly and I need to take care because of MY food aversions and my allergies to not make my baby more sick with his vaccination schedule, and possibly give him food allergies or health issues better left alone by crossing my diet with something in the vaccine... TO which I get the great " Suspect " look and no more attention than a fly on the wall. Fun.

"Hate" nurse, "love" doctor.

In our first month, we found that our little one cannot have disposable diapers. We had the best of the best (Pampers) and they were sticking to him, giving him diaper rash, and diaper changes were..... very stressful to say the least. Once his umbilical stub fell off, we moved him to the cloth diapers DH and I ordered (BumGenius3.0), and have not gone back. His diaper rash is gone and he does not cry at diaper changes. Sometimes he sleeps through them!! cheers

My mother and father in law have been a great help since my mom left, and the visit with my mom went really well. I just hate that I didn't deliver for two weeks and she only got 4 weeks of time with the baby... but I guess it was fine how it happened. Wink

So far I found the baby reacts badly (like I do) to onion and garlic... the bad thing, I can have dry garlic and love it.. and it is in every combination spice that we use around the house. . . . . so we have to give it up until I am done breastfeeding (in about 11 months if all goes well).

Peanutbutter is something else I think he is reacting to.. I had it three days in a row, and... yeah that wasn't fun. I might try it again one day when we have bread again.

OK, got to go, he woke up again and wants to be held.
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Number of posts : 254
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How long since diagnosed? : a long while now
Registration date : 2007-10-11

PostSubject: Re: Our new addition   Wed Jul 23, 2008 5:44 pm

We have been having "fun" lately with our reaction to onion and garlic. Rolling Eyes

I thought I got it all out of the kitchen.. but I apparently didn't and we were dealing with it all last week No

I found the sources, and I am restricted from using our herb spices now, and from having salad dressing I haven't made myself. I have a Salad "cookbook" with dressing recipes, but I will also be checking online to see what I can find, so I can make things like "Thousand Island" and "Ranch" without the offending herbs.

I've been expiramenting with icecream, since most the stuff we get isn't that awesome, and Ben and Jerry's is either too expensive, or off limits due to the gluten. Cool

So far, so good. I had one recipe that was 'semi ok' that was an Alton Brown Recipe (I definitely need to retry with whipping cream), and I tried a 'clone' tonight of Ben and Jerry's Mint Cookies n Cream. (I left the mint out). Thus far, so good. I'll check it again tomorrow and see if it froze better.

I've been more or less pacing the floor, doing on demand feedings, and burping and calming since our little guy has been all tied up like I get (similar to gluten experience) when I have gotten into onions. We've had to help him out a lot in the last week or so, and I'm exhausted.

I'm supposed to do my test next month for my German course, but I haven't had any time to study at all. affraid
I have however found a few recipes in my German Celiac Newsletters from the last couple of years that I want to try out. One is Puff Pastry, another is a Wrap recipe and the third is for Bagels.

I seem to be able to cook in very short spurts in the afternoons, but nothing involved like bread really. Maybe once he's learned more how to entertain himself I can. lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Our new addition   

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Our new addition
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