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 Potato Pancakes

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Potato Pancakes Empty
PostSubject: Potato Pancakes   Potato Pancakes EmptySun Jul 06, 2008 3:21 am

right now I am making some Manischewitz potato pancakes, because they are convenient, kosher and GF and MSG free. It calls for two large eggs but my eggs were larger so the mix was a bit watery. So I decided to add some potato flour ( not starch) to them to help firm it up.

Then I got to thinking I wonder if I could make potato pancakes with just the flour? Or a combo of the potato flour and some potato flakes? Would it be the same as the mix? I looked on Bob's red mill site briefly to see if anyone had tried it with their flour but found nothing. so I am wondering if anyone else has thought of this or tried it?

I think I might get some flakes and try it, wouldn't hurt to have on hand and I won't have to have a mix with the additives in it. Also if there are no potatoes in the house and you get that craving, especially in the winter time and don't want to go to the store.

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Potato Pancakes
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