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 Hemp Flour

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PostSubject: Hemp Flour   Hemp Flour EmptyFri Oct 31, 2008 5:58 am

I had a new organic market open within a couple Km from my apartment (walking distance, but not in the wet/cold! No ), and they have Hemp flour.
It was in the GF section and once I checked it all over I got a box to test out.

From what I was finding online, you do not want to use 'too much' of this (more than 2tbs in a recipe of 2 cups flour) as it has so much protein, minerals and vitamins -- it is powerful. SO, I got to expiramenting this week, and thus far I really like it.

Hemp contains a lot of the minerals, vitamins, protein and fiber that we all are lacking in our diet (without supplimentation) due to the damage celiac has done to our bodies.

So, in testing the items I have, I'm finding I am a lot more sated with them, and wow is it lovely food! For cookies, I added only 1tsp due to me having used nut flour. For muffins I added about 1 tbs, and for the "chicken nuggets" I made this week, I did it with 1tbs+1tsp in millet flour to roll the cuts of meat in. DH didn't like it (he likes his flour white, sugary and as starchy as possible green roll eyes ), he asked next time for me to cut down the amount of hemp.

I'm going to start "sneaking" It into different things like sauces to see how I like it. It wasn't very expensive for 1 kilo, so I plan on seeing how we do with it, and then getting more to keep on hand. I am not finding too much on it, but I keep looking. study Most websites say to use 10-15% of hemp to the whole of flours you use while cooking, or it will be too powerful. Other sites have said you can do hemp seed like you do flax seed in GF cooking, and when wanting to go for weightloss/bodybuilding. Thought that was rather interesting.

Do you all know anything about it?
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Hemp Flour
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