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 Bread Crumbs

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PostSubject: Bread Crumbs   Fri Oct 12, 2007 1:00 am

Most purchased GF breads I have bought I wouldn't even feed to the birds. Maybe use them to help me out of the forrest as I wouldn't have to worry about any animals or birds eating them Smile

So what kind do you use? do you make your own, and if so, what kind of bread makes the best ones?
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PostSubject: Re: Bread Crumbs   Mon Oct 15, 2007 6:58 pm

I guess it depends on what flavor you want if any. I like to use up my old corn bread for crumbs. Toast them in a slow over until dry then store in an airtight container in the refridgerator or freeze.

I used to use Panko bread crumbs before GF, but now can get that same crunchyness using a premade cereal , just swirl it around in the processor a minute or so, and save in a airtight container on the shelf. It will keep as long as the cereal does.

For a cool variety, use ground up granola ( GF of course! ).

Good for doing oven fried chicken and breading fish fillets. Also for making meatloaf, or meatballs,and use to make gefilte if you make your own.
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Bread Crumbs
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