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Location : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
How long since diagnosed? : 4 years misdiagnosed 15 years
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PostSubject: Smilies   Smilies EmptyWed Oct 17, 2007 11:39 pm

I've added more smilies! I could never seem to find the right one when posting so I doubled our supply.

Check them out.
These are the new ones

study PC typing green roll eyes say what?? hair raising scare I never! crying buckets Bookworm

We got a whole orchestra going here

sympathynot! angel on harp 3 piece band violin player classical trio Big grinning I'm an

Just Kidding Toilet Paper Big grinning I'm an Hmm thinking Duh! Group Hug No No I don't know applause Frusteration time I'm Outta here! banging head against hello A- OK
fish silly smack hiding behind sofa popcorn coffeecup pumpkin Birthday cake soda guzzler pancake flipping eat a burger Carrot dude

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PostSubject: Re: Smilies   Smilies EmptyThu Oct 18, 2007 4:19 pm

Cool, I love smilies! A- OK

I feel like this most times on this diet Frusteration time

And need this a lot Toilet Paper Embarassed

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