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 Yeast Doughnuts (tweaked mom's recipe)

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PostSubject: Yeast Doughnuts (tweaked mom's recipe)   Thu Dec 06, 2007 6:47 pm

Yeast Doughnuts****
1 packet yeast
1/8 cup warm water
3/4 cups lukewarm milk (scald then cool)
1/4 cup sugar
1 to 2 tsp vanilla flavoring
1/2 tsp salt
1 egg (I used two)
3 Tbs Butter (mom calls for shortening)
1 1/2 cups GF flour mix (up to 1 cup reserved if needed)
1 1/2 tsps guar gum (mom calls for xanthan)
vegetable oil for frying (I used canola)

Combine 1 1/2 cups flour with xanthum gum, set aside. Dissolve yeast in warm water . In a 2 1/2-quart bowl add milk, sugar, vanilla, salt, eggs, butter and flour mix. Beat on low speed scraping bowl constantly (30 seconds). Beat on medium speed scraping bowl occasionally (2 minutes). Use as little of the remaining 1 cup of flour on the surface you will roll the dough on. (if it is wet weather out, it will use the whole cup to get a bit 'un sticky' before putting this out on your floured surface. Iw as a little shocked to be honest)
Roll around lightly to coat with flour. Gently roll dough 1/2 inch thick with floured rolling pin ( I just used flour and my hands). Cut with a floured doughnut cutter.

Cover and let rise until doubled (40-50 minutes). Heat the vegetable oil in a deep fat fryer to 350F. Slide doughnuts into the oil with a wide spatula turn doughnuts as they rise to the surface. Fry until golden brown about 1 minute on each side. Remove carefully from oil (do not prick surface) drain. Dip the doughnuts into creamy glaze set on rack when slightly cooled spread chocolate glaze on top doughnuts may be dipped into sprinkles or other toppings after chocolate glaze is applied.

For mine, I just used the smallest doughnut cutter I have, then rolled these into 'doughnut holes'. I fried them up on medium heat on the stove (I have no thermometer at this time) and when they were done on one side, I flipped them with tongs). When they were done I powdered mine with powdered sugar. I think next time I will put icing on them. They're GRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT!
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PostSubject: Re: Yeast Doughnuts (tweaked mom's recipe)   Mon Dec 10, 2007 11:20 pm

I'll have to try these as soon as I'm tired of the fried ones I posted about already. They are so quick, you are eating fresh , delicious, crispy donuts in about a half hour, quicker if you already have the dry ingredients mixed , bagged and ready to go.

How did the butter work out, instead of shortening?
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Yeast Doughnuts (tweaked mom's recipe)
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