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 ...In Germany, in a pinch --

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...In Germany, in a pinch -- Empty
PostSubject: ...In Germany, in a pinch --   ...In Germany, in a pinch -- EmptyWed Jul 23, 2008 7:01 pm

... Islamic meat markets can work..

It's not exactly my first choice, but I am finding we have trouble getting our meat from our previous (super awesome) Glatt Kosher source. They're expensive, use nitrates, use spices I can no longer have (Onion and garlic) in their Würstchen and, without a vehicle we can't get it ourselves to save on cost.

So, in looking around for something else when my mom was here, we found the local meat market here run by a Turkish family. In inquiring about the meat and all, the slaughtering process is basically the same as kosher slaughter, and they disallow any treif in their store... the same things we disallow.

I can go there and find quality (Grade A) Beef, Turkey, Chicken and Lamb... and the cost is actually under the cost we have found at the local German stores, and better quality (fresh!!) meat. I have been shocked at the prices, as they are literally half the price of what we were paying in the local stores.

I have found all the same cuts of meat that we had at the kosher market, and sometimes thicker! say what??

I go in with my DH and we get the most awesome service ever, which I think is really comical. They love to see us coming, because when we do- the purpose is to fill our freezer and eat for about a month on what we purchase. We end up spending about 30 to 50 Euro in one sitting... what would cost us at the other stores around 100 or more.

I wouldn't have done it before, but pressed in hard times I ended up making a choice I didn't think I would. Neutral There are no Kosher markets near us within a radius we can get to, or that are willing to send their trucks far enough to get the meat to us without us having to purchase over 100Euro, and then tacking on about 50-70 Euro transport cost.

Since I am feeding JD, I Have been told how important it is I have red meat, and I agree.. I have problems when I don't.

So, just throwing it out there if need be for those who live here or travel here and aren't close enough to a Frum community.

Be sure though to check the freezer section meats, most of those have MSG, Nitrates and many have gluten... so only get the fresh stuff if you do this.
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...In Germany, in a pinch --
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