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 Ways to use True Lemon True Orange and True Lime

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Ways to use True Lemon True Orange and True Lime Empty
PostSubject: Ways to use True Lemon True Orange and True Lime   Ways to use True Lemon True Orange and True Lime EmptyThu May 01, 2008 5:28 pm

This is an off shoot of [url=True Lemon Orange and Lime - Review]this thread [/url] Please read it so you know what we are talking about.Smile

I am going to just post some ideas off the top of my head and later make more detailed recipes. I am putting this in the vegetarian section because it is vegetarian by itself, but I may include some recipes with meat so Veggies , beware! affraid Very Happy

so , let's see

I love green beans with a splash of lemon, but it seems to turn the beautiful fresh bright green a dark color. I will try sprinkling this on and see what happens, or perhaps mixing with butter first and then top the beans with it.

Hollandaise sauce, I posted a recipe around here somewhere and think this could be used in substitution for a fresh lemon

Plain yogurt, or homemade, I like Stoneybrook, it's kosher, and has live enzymes,and bactierium and is organic. something hard to find. Also hard to find is the flavored kind usually I can get the large plain kind that comes in a quart size I think it is. so now to this plain you can flavor it with lemon or lime or orange or all three!

How about sprinkling on ice cream, a vanilla of course that is GF, to make it a bit more refreshing for spring or summer time? I used to get this kind by a dairy I can't remember, it was called Lemon chiffon and it was so good, if you love Italian ice then you would have liked this, I think it may have been Sealtest, not sure. But thing is you don't always want a whole half gallon of lemon ice cream in your freezer, so this way you can have it when you want or just vanilla!

As I come up with more ideas I will post them!


Bete` Avon!

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Ways to use True Lemon True Orange and True Lime
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