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 Breakfast Drink - Smoothie

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Breakfast Drink - Smoothie Empty
PostSubject: Breakfast Drink - Smoothie   Breakfast Drink - Smoothie EmptyWed Mar 26, 2008 2:29 pm

I came across this and thought I had posted about it but can't find where, so thought I would share this as I am on my second 1/2 gallon. Smile

Nuvim - You may have seen this in your store and not checked it out. I know I did, until one day I couldn't find any carton juice ( besides plain OJ) with a hecksher and started looking at everything. I came across this stuff called Nuvim, sounds almost like a Hebrew word, ee?

Anyway seems that Wal-mart was the original distribution place for their kick off a few years back, so it's not that long on the market but was named a sponsor of the American Heart Association bike-a-thon two years ago.

So what is it?

It's a juice and dairy drink. I originally got it for my husband because it seemed to contain many things I have been trying to get into him for his health, but wasn't sure if I could have it. I checked it out on line when I got it home and found I could and we have both been enjoying it ever since!

For some reason their site is down for the moment but I got this from the ACS

About NuVim
Quote :
NuVim™ is a one of a kind
beverage that is sold in the refrigerated juice section in half gallon
juice cartons in 2,500 supermarkets and 300 Wal-Mart supercenters from
Connecticut to Miami. Based on a $50,000,000 research and development
project that spanned over 35 years, NuVim’s two proprietary
micronutrients MunePro™ and AccuFlex™ helps build the immune system and
works to help muscle flexibility and sturdy joints. In addition to 19
clinical trials, there have been 8,000 case histories with testimonials
from people who have felt the results of these two micronutrients.
NuVim is certainly a beverage that far exceeds the just minerals and
vitamins in water. The immune system is the first line of defense and
therefore maintaining an uncompromised immune system is critical to
good health. Likewise, whether young or older we need to help ourselves
stay flexible assisting us in getting the most out of each day. As the
consumer understanding of how the immune system and muscle flexibility
and sturdy joints play a role in long term quality of life, the more
NuVim will play a role in their daily beverage consumption. There are
very few beverages in the market that have real solid nutritional
values. Most are variations of flavored colored sugar water in either
carbonated or non-carbonated forms. With only 70 calories per 8 ounce
serving and the nutritional values, NuVim could be considered the “Best
Thing You Can Drink”.

Since this was written however they must have expanded their market as I got my in the local grocery store.

I will get you more details when the site is back up!

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Breakfast Drink - Smoothie
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