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 NON GMO Cornstarch Corn Starch for us?

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PostSubject: NON GMO Cornstarch Corn Starch for us?   Thu May 01, 2008 4:05 pm

Cornstarch, a staple in every Celiacs pantry. I was at the store yesterday and as usual I take my time, I go late when there's not much traffic in the aisles so I can take to really perusing the aisles to see what's new or what have I missed. I found a real treasure I think last night and would like to share with you.

In the regular cake aisle where there is the dreaded wheat flours and wheat glutens, I found, way down on the bottom shelf, only one package wide, this cornstarch, which if it hadn't had large lettering on this small package I would have missed it.

RUMSFORD Cornstarch


This is something I have been concerned about since having to give up gluten breads and make my own. You see I used to make my own breads and baked goods anyway, and made them as organic and healthy as possible. then when having to go GF, the choices for flours , except for Corn meal, all the flours haven't been organic. And the corn that is altered I really didn't want to eat, that is why many of my breads I do make now use the bean flours, hoping they aren't as changed.

This comes in a small round canister, about 6 1/2" high and with a gold plastic resealable lid, a red foil label and black and white lettering which probably helped me to spot it.

I bought three, because every time I find something I can use, they don't restock quickly or they stop carrying it. I think it was around 1.35, this is for 12 oz. I'll have to check on that, hubby still has my receipt as I let him checkout for me after work while I went to the next grocery store to see what they had for leftovers from Passover at a discount, I got one bag left of gefen non gebrokts noodles.

Kosher certification - OU

Now for the bad news---------------------isn't there always some? say what??

The can reads ( and I didn't see this in the store)

Manufactured on equipment that processes milk, soy and wheat!Duh!

Why can't they just clean their equipment? violin player Here we have something that we need, and can really use because of the non GMO and it is properly certified but then this.

I think I shall be writing to Clabber Girl ( this is who makes it) and you should to.

Here is their website. rumfordworld.com

this is their advertisement for it ( they show a different looking label )

Quote :
Rumford Cornstarch represents the most exciting thing to happen to cornstarch in several generations. Made from certified non-genetically modified corn, it is 100% pure cornstarch and comes in a convenient resealable, recyclable container. The package reduces the mess of cooking with cornstarch—no more “snowfalls” of starch when you open the bag in a box of other brands. The product stays fresher, too, since the plastic lid and metal can keep moisture out. Look for it in 12 oz. steel cans with plastic overcap.

Which is true, this is great because all others have the bag which poofs it all over when measuring, I constantly have a dusty house!

Now on the very same page they have the cornstarch they advertise this:

Quote :
Rumford Naturals Cornbread & Muffin Mix is perfect for people who are on a gluten-free diet. The health benefits of this product are astounding! The mix uses soy flour, and contains 5 grams soy protein per serving. It is wheat free, gluten free with no trans fats, and no sugar added. It is a good source of protein, fiber and calcium. And, it tastes great. The mix is sold in a box with 7.25 oz.

I was trying to see what else they made that wheat would be on that would contaminate the cornstarch, but can't so I guess an email is in order,. I will let you know of the results.
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PostSubject: Re: NON GMO Cornstarch Corn Starch for us?   Thu May 01, 2008 4:58 pm

Oy, this is good news/bad news! Thanks for letting us know!

Let us know if you ever hear back from them, I am not familiar with this company. I have purchased Clabber Girl Baking soda before, but lately I use Bob's red mill because it doesn't have aluminum in it. Not sure if Clabber girl does.

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NON GMO Cornstarch Corn Starch for us?
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