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 Kosher version to Southern Homemade Sausage

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Kosher version to Southern Homemade Sausage Empty
PostSubject: Kosher version to Southern Homemade Sausage   Kosher version to Southern Homemade Sausage EmptySun Dec 30, 2007 12:23 pm

My Grandma sent me this one finally early this month. I had been wanting sausage like something mad, and we have no equivelant here in Germany... everything comes in wurst format..

So, here is her recipe. This is one of those 'Cook to taste' types.

I had a package of seasoning in the cabinet and that is how I am getting your Grandaddy's recipe for the sausage.

Hamburger Meat (Ground Beef, Turkey, Chicken) - or get the cuts yourself and grind up the meat
Put the seasoning in it.....Mix with your hands. After you mixed it in well, fry up a small pattie. After it is cooked, then taste the meat. Decide if you need to add more seasoning to the rest of the meat. If you add more, then do another test pattie until you have the seasoning at the right taste.

red pepper
sugar (a little)
black pepper

You can make it with beef, chicken or turkey. (Probably would be good with all three together)

I haven't really measured it the three times I made it, but trust me, once you figure out how you like it, it will be rather easy to make each time. Smile
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Kosher version to Southern Homemade Sausage
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